What is Nitrogen Generation System?

What is Nitrogen Generation System?


The system is used for air-to-nitrogen production. Such systems generally work on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). With the help of this technology, you will get a continuous supply of nitrogen gas from the compressed air. The system has two towers filled with a carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Nitrogen generation systems function with the pretreated compressed air traveling the bottom of the on-line tower. The CMS adsorbs oxygen and other gases, and it allows the nitrogen to pass through the tube. The system works with the pre-set time, and it switches to regenerative mode. Carbon Molecular Sieve is different from activated carbon because CMS has narrower pore openings. It helps the oxygen to penetrate into the pores. This way oxygen separates from nitrogen molecules because these molecules are too large that they cannot enter the pores. These larger nitrogen molecules are stored as the product gas.

So, this system helps in generating pure nitrogen gas by separating nitrogen from oxygen. The system allows only the nitrogen molecule to the generator’s receiver. Pure nitrogen is great for industrial applications. Generally, there are two types of nitrogen gas generators – one is the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator and the membrane nitrogen generator. They both use the compressed air method for generating nitrogen.

PSA Nitrogen Generator:

They consist of two vessels equipped with a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) used for absorbing oxygen. When one unit absorbs oxygen, the second unit uses depressurization which helps nitrogen flow into the storage unit.

Membrane nitrogen generator:

It separates the slow-moving nitrogen from the compressed air with the help of porous, semi-permeable fiber.  These generators pass through the other gases to exit the system. With this generator, you will get a slightly lower level of gas purity.

The application of nitrogen across different industries:

The industries that use nitrogen generation systems are:

  • Food packaging
  • Chemical plants
  • Electronics
  • Pollution control
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and gas
  • Military
  • Aerospace

The advantage of the PSA nitrogen generator:

PSA nitrogen generator works great for producing high-purity nitrogen gas, and here are some benefits.

  • Convenience:

With this nitrogen generator, the loss of gas supply can be avoided. You no need to have a gas stock inventory with this system.

  • Consistency and reliability:

It offers a stable purity, and it does not have the risk of pipeline contamination.

  • Low operating costs:

The operating cost of this system is much low.

  • Less damaging to the environment:

It is a sustainable and energy-efficient approach for generating lean and dry nitrogen gas.

If your business uses nitrogen, you may experience hassle in nitrogen-tank rental and delivery. These nitrogen cylinders occupy the floor space. These cylinders contain gas at high pressure, and they also have a safety issue. Besides, there are so many costs added to the service, which makes the whole thing expensive. This nitrogen generator can be your solution. It is true that nitrogen generation is less expensive than purchasing gas from a supplier. You can install these systems on your work premises to reduce the cost and maintain the quality.

Nitrogen generation is in high demand:

These systems are mostly used for reducing costs and carbon footprint. The traditional process of nitrogen generation uses fractional distillation. The complete process needs a large amount of energy, and it has to be used on a large scale. The best solution to this problem is nitrogen generation, which is efficient for producing nitrogen to be used for industrial purposes. The purity of nitrogen also depends on the contact time between the compressed air and the nitrogen separation medium. More specifically, longer contacts determine the higher purity. This is why higher purity nitrogen needs more input airflow.

Each application requires maximum allowable tolerance for oxygen. Low purity application is used for the fire suppression field where 95+%. Where high purity nitrogen requires 99.995+% purity. Food and beverage production falls in the middle.

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