Tax accounting firm in Ixelles: the practical guide

Tax accounting firm in Ixelles: the practical guide


A tax accountant is a professional capable of ensuring both the management of the accounting and the taxation of a company. Any company has an interest in seeking the services of a tax accountant regardless of its size. This professional accompanies his clients so that they ensure compliance with legal procedures in accounting and taxation. Besides, it provides them with tools and tips that will help grow their business.

In tax management, he provides advice focused on legal security and optimization so that the company as a taxpayer benefits from all the advantages that the law gives it in tax matters.

Take care of all tax missions

Within the company, the tax accountant acts as an independent adviser who cannot practice a commercial activity. His role as advisor allows him to guide his client in the choice of management and development as well as the optimization of taxation. A specialist in tax matters, he is able to guarantee compliance with tax obligations and able to give directives on management with a view to ensuring compliance with legal standards in the field. He represents his client at the level of the tax administration, and serves as a contact person for all tax actions. It determines the strategies to adopt to improve the company’s tax system in order to benefit from the least taxed solution to promote its development.

In Brussels, joining the services of tax accountant Ixelles is a guarantee of compliance with the various legal obligations.

Take charge of accounting tasks

The tax accountant is the essential ally of the company director in the sense that his intervention proves to be significant throughout the life of the company, from its creation and during its development. In terms of accounting, he is responsible for keeping and revising the accounts, drawing up regulatory statements, drawing up balance sheets, producing provisional budgets and financing plans, creating dashboards, carrying out cost accounting, analyzing cost price and profitability and many more.

Ensure the relationship

The accountant-tax specialist is part of the team of the accounting and also financial department. He is more comfortable on the relational side, given the many relationships he maintains, both internally and externally. In the performance of his duties, he is in permanent contact with local and regional institutions, also with the liberal professions, without forgetting insurance and finance.

As part of his missions, the tax accountant must have a perfect command of the law , in particular business and tax law. In addition, it must be up to date with the evolution of legislation.